The first-ever Mazda CX-30, unveiled at March’s Geneva Motor Show, is a stunning small SUV that is ideal for ever-evolving lifestyles

With the first-ever CX-30 small SUV, Mazda has created a model that delivers style and an enjoyable driving experience in a spacious package that ensures all passengers can appreciate its superb comfort and refinement. CX-30 Program Manager Naohito Saga explains: “Our vision with this car is to broaden life’s possibilities for customers and enrich how they see the world. People with a variety of needs, or those with changing lifestyles can feel confident in choosing the CX-30.” So what can customers expect? Mazda has concentrated its efforts in the following key areas with the CX-30. Firstly, the car was created to be just the right size for any driver, and to offer excellent performance, so owners can take it wherever they want it to go without hesitation. The design is intended to embody the joy of owning something special, with a spacious cabin for owners to share good times with family and friends.


The cabin is designed with a focus on all the occupants. For the driver, a high seating position gives great visibility, while a pared-back dashboard design removes visual clutter. The risk of distraction is reduced by positioning the instruments in a way that makes them intuitive to use, and angling the 8.8-inch information display towards the driver. The cabin space has been used wisely to ensure more relaxing space for the other occupants. “We extended the space from side to side,” says Saga. “Plus we created space between the front seats and the rear. The feeling of being wrapped by the interior and the feeling of distance between the seats – this car nails these things.” The relaxed ambience is enhanced by minimal noise intrusion, while high-quality materials and a coordinated design approach reinforce the premium feel.

on the road

The CX-30 uses Mazda’s Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture, which is based on a “human-centric” approach to car design, and is geared towards key components such as the engine and suspension working in harmony with the driver. “It doesn’t feel like a crossover to drive,” says Saga. “And yet it’s not a passenger car. It feels smooth. You feel in sync.” Under the bonnet, the Skyactiv-X engine delivers the best attributes of petrols and diesels, with a combination of punchy performance and reduced fuel bills.


Program Manager

According to Saga, the CX-30 is a car that has genuine global appeal. “By accommodating the needs of as many customers as possible, we’re hoping the model will be driven by people who are new to Mazda. We want people all over the world to try this car.”

“The relaxed ambience is enhanced by minimal noise intrusion, while the use of high-quality materials and a coordinated design approach reinforce the premium feel”


Chief Designer

When Yanagisawa first joined Mazda, he spent some time working at a dealer. He says: “From this experience, I learned that beautiful design has a power to move people. I also realised it’s important to have a vision of how our customers would spend time with our cars.”


The Mazda CX-30 follows the latest Kodo – Soul of Motion design language, incorporating the Japanese principles of Sori (curves with poise) and Utsuroi (the interplay of light and shadow), which produces constantly evolving reflections from the body when on the move. The result is a car that, unusually for a small SUV, manages to look both elegant and bold. This has been achieved by dividing the upper body and lower body. Chief Designer Ryo Yanagisawa explains: “We didn’t want it to look stocky. So we used black plastic cladding in a relatively broad section and ensured the parts of the body where the colour isn’t blacked out looked slender. This makes the body look as if it is floating in mid-air. That’s how we achieved beautiful proportions. But it also has a powerful stance that conveys a sense of luxury and high performance. That’s what I most like about it. And the rear – on the road you spend a lot of time staring at the car in front of you, and the CX-30 is impressive from behind.”


The CX-30 has been developed to offer great practicality with no compromise on design. The boot can comfortably take children’s strollers, while a low loading height ensures getting items in and out is straightforward, and a wide opening means large objects fit in easily. It all adds up to a car that, as Yanagisawa says, “can be a source of inspiration to customers, enhancing their lives”.