Zoom-Zoom always goes the extra mile to bring you the greatest images of Mazdas from around the world. Here’s where we’ve been over the past few months

Circuit Zolder, Belgium

Loved for its combination of exciting driving dynamics, power and affordability, the Mazda MX-5 is one of the most regularly raced cars in history. So when a new MX-5 series launched in the Netherlands and Belgium (racing the professionally prepared MX-5 Cup Car) we went to investigate. An exhilarating weekend in the pit lane showed just how competitive – and fun – this brilliant car is on track.

Costa Brava, Spain

We took a Mazda3 Hatch to the Costa Brava in search of Empordà’s artistic heritage. The area has provided a combination of inspiration and haven for artists including Salvador Dalí, Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso, and the Mazda3 was right at home along the beautiful coastal roads and in the chic villages found in the area.

Fairy Tale Route, Germany

A meandering 600-kilometre road trip running from Hanau north to Bremen along the Fairy Tale Route is the perfect introduction to the Brothers Grimm and their work. The route includes locations where the brothers lived and areas that inspired their stories. The Mazda6 was the perfect companion on this scenic drive.